"I want to express my gratitude for Master Hector Ramos Divine Healing on May 22nd. 
It was so great but gentle healing for me.

I felt very bad in all aspects of my being before it, even was not easy physically to come to the session.

After healing I felt like reborn - pain, exhaustion, stress were gone. I felt in peace, my heart was warmed up, my faith came back to me. 
That was wonderful." -J

“I’d like to share a healing of the Mass Divine Helaing on 8th May 2019 -  
I did the session for a person with prostate cancer. He needs radiotherapy and prior to it and in order to prepare the prostate, he had a treatment with hormones that caused him severe pain in the finger joints, severe general fatigue and erection problems.

After two days of the Mass Divine Healing all this side effects have disappeared, his confidence has increased and also his good mood!

We are very grateful for this Divine Healing. Thank you very much Master Hector, with deep respect. “ -S

“The energy of the last Divine Healing was amazing, strong, powerful and at the same time soothing, loving and tender.

I experienced a strong connection with everything, everybody and the true essence of my being! I’ve been feeling so much joy ever since and I’m so grateful for the blessings that keep coming my way and for the fact that I’m able to share them with my students and loved ones!

As for the physical part, neck and shoulder pain almost gone(!), my stress disappeared and my psoriasis is so much better, with no significant flare up (I’ve never missed a Divine Healing all these past months).

What Master Hector does is a service to us all and I am forever grateful !!” -M 

“I wanted to share a miracle that happened on 8th May midnight.

My sisters dog suddenly could not get up on 5th may and what ever was humanly possible by us and doctors was done. They suspected stroke and paralysis on left side.

We were devastated as the dog was only 7 years old and his suffering was unbearable for whole family.

When Master did divine healing, I was imagining it going to the dog and praying for a miracle.

The next morning, my sister picked him up and took him to the kitchen where she had some chores.

The dog got up, ran to main hall, did his pee and fell down...unbelievable!!

He has been getting better since though his platelet has not improved but the doctors are confident that the worst is over.

He is standing, doing his urination and stools in the garden and eating. He is being treated for infection through antibiotics.

Thank you Acharya hector.” -S

"The very recent Mass Divine Healing session (last night), I had a very immediate healing of my tooth ache and mouth ulcer. 
For the whole day prior to the session, I had constant sensitive tooth, irritating and slightly painful ulcer.

After the session, I slept and this morning I woke up and all kinds of tooth aches and ulcer irritations were gone! Like magic!

I hope more and more people join and take advantage of the miraculous healing energies through these sessions facilitated by Master Hector. "

“I would like to say that the meditations on Wednesday become very important to me and I already look forward to the next time.  It gives me strength, hope, a better connection, a loving feeling, a direction, …  So I hope the meditations will go on and that it keeps you inspired to do so.” -E

“I put an intention for my beloved who’s been grieving his father to heal and it really helped him!! 
Just wanted to let you know! 
Thank you again Master Hector for your efforts . God bless you!”


"I am writing to you to share my experience of Master Hector's Divine healing on the 18th December 2018.

I had a lot of pain in my body especially my right side, from my shoulder and my arm. 
my lower back also on my right side was very bad, I couldn't get up or sit down, I had to take my time and gather the strength to actually transition from siting to standing or laying down to sitting or vise versa.
I couldn't sleep properly even when I changed my pillow, my bed etc I still had a hard time to sleep and kept waking up all night.

very thankfully after the divine healing session all of these symptoms were 80 % better! my lower back pain is gone actually!

thank you so much or sharing the light and healing. 
I look forward to many healing sessions to come." 

"I was down with a bad cold for a week and was coughing badly. 
But after tonight's divine healing, I was healed from my cough and the tiredness that I was experiencing. 
I had another miraculous healing when you conducted the 3rd or 4th divine healing, I cannot remember exactly when that was. 
I live in Canada and the weather is quite harsh especially during this time of the year. My body was again down with flu and I was supposed to visit the doctor to get antibiotics but after the divine healing, I felt so much better. 
I felt my body was very light and It needed rest. I took a nap and when I woke up, I was completely healed. 
Thank you again, Master, for conducting such special sessions, these healings are priceless. 
With deep gratitude, thank you."

“The wonderful experience and I can say journey of my incarnated soul through your healing session.. 
This is one of the best experience among my all healings... 
Thanks to pass on your love, light and power to all of us” -MP

“Today it seemed like a meditation in progress in the Divine Healing session Master. So much of calmness and peacefulness and stillness continues.
Immense gratitude to you Master Hector.” -P.A.

“It's like we are both finally getting to be the persons we are in our 'minds eye'.

Since the sessions started it feels like we are both, individually and together, breaking through glass ceilings. Some we were aware of, some not even yet in our (active) eye sight.

Those glass ceilings? We have been struggling so hard for years to break through them, especially since last April when we became harshly and very aware of some unpleasant effects of those glass ceiling. By the end of the summer, we still didn't really had the results we wanted, of course this triggered demotivation. The sessions are not only helping us staying afloat, lifting us up and getting us back on track with renewed fire each and every time; somehow, subtly and clearly, both our lives (parts that seemed outside our influence circle) are healed as well. 
All that's in the way, old or not for us is so much easier to recognize and let go off.

It really seems that words just don't describe accurately our experiences and deep Gratitude.

We so hope that these sessions also brings all of you everything you need, want and much much more, with ease and joy. May you all be Blessed!"

-M & A

"Every time the healing session takes on different level ... It helps not just as healing I can learn a lot through the session.. 
Very very grateful for that Master Hector 
During last mass healing the shields which you had made for 3 weeks helped me a lot on my personal levels
You know every time what all need truly...!!” -MP

"The best way I can describe this experience is powerful yet simultaneously subtle. As we were clearing out the negative energies, I could feel the heaviness gently leaving my aura and I became lighter, quieter and calmer. I subsequently experienced (and still am in) a wonderfully deep sense of peace that is also resonating as a much higher or finer energy vibration around me. My only other recollection of feeling a similar sense of bliss was while visiting The Temple of 10000 Buddhas here is California earlier this year. " -R

"It was a lovely session I felt like the energies changed.. body was very light and warm... 
the same experience when one attends a retreat ...felt like each and every cell 
in my body got energized and my body got upgraded the feeling like nothing more in my body is left besides energy ( no mass )...

Thank you acharya Hector for this wonderful happy experience..."


"It was a wonderful experience .
Deep-seated calcified ideas were removed...
I experienced and I was filled with a large ball of Golden light. I was in a deep trance and totally forgot where I was when I opened my eyes.

This session was like, 'ask and it will be given to you'. 
For many days I was experiencing a headache (it was relieved with healings but kept coming back)
With the divine healing, it was removed at the very root of the emotion that was causing this headache...
Looking forward for further such sessions." - S. G.

"It was an amazing session and very deep healing felt by me. In just first 15-20 minutes while following Master Hector on the light cleansing I had an experience.
I had fractured my back in start of July and had to take care, I was lying down and doing the session for meditation.

During entire session I was actually awake subconsciously and following but didn't remember much of what I did. Though I was very much awake when Master Hector gave last instruction. After, that's when I went into a deep sleep and in the morning I got up with almost no pain in my back.

I am so very grateful to master hector for the session. I would like to do this again.

Best Regards,
C. "

"I had an inflamed toe, it was the big toe on my right foot.
It was thick, red and I felt the toe pulsating when I was under the shower before the healing.
During the Mass healing the pulsation stopped and I felt a relieve.
After the healing the toe was less red and the next morning it was back to normal. 
It was healed so quickly, I've never seen this before, so rapidly.
I'm very grateful to you Master Hector..." - G

"Miraculous indeed!! 
January, February and March, were incredibly stressful for me. 
In early March while getting a haircut my hairdresser pointed out there was a quarter size alopecia spot on the left side of my scalp. 
A result of the immense amount of stress because of a challenging situation. Thankfully it was in an area not seen usually. But as a woman it was very difficult for me knowing my beautiful hair maybe a thing of the past.

The thought that the spot would get bigger was scary, the thought that there would be another spot was even scarier.

During the Divine Healing session with Master Hector, I asked for healing of my scalp. I felt it work almost immediately, the fear disappeared. 
I knew it would be fine. I knew the healing was done.

It’s been a week and where there was a silky smooth bald spot the hair is growing. THANK YOU! 
For helping me not only release the stress that had occupied me for months but also for healing the alopecia which was result of that stress.

My deepest gratitude, infinite respect and tremendous love." -D

"It's always beyond the mind indeed...!! 
Not only the body and mind are healed but I could feel my soul connection is more powerful it's also healed..." 

"I would like to share my experience on the Divine Healing conducted by Master Hector Ramos.

Master Hector applies different techniques in every session. The last healing session of December 2018, lasted less than 1 hour, about 45 minutes, it was very powerful and the vibrations were very subtle.

Master Hector helped us to "download" our good karma and created three shields for our protection, etheric, emotional and mental for as long as it is necessary. I felt the protection of the shields in the following days and up to this day I can describe them as something that allows me to avoid distractions and connect more deeply with who I am, my thoughts and emotions, 
even return to the body movements I had when I was a child.

I communicate with the same people in my everyday life but I believe in myself more and can distinguish my opinions, thoughts, emotions and ideas from theirs.

I advise people to experience at least once a Divine Healing session and have their own opinion on the results on their body, mind and soul."


"Both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer in 2017. My mom left the body about 10 days ago under extremely stressful and unpleasant circumstances. The healing with Master Hector was very powerful and I cannot express enough gratitude for the service he is providing. I felt a tremendous amount of energy throughout the entirety of the healing. It felt effervescent, deeply yet gently scrubbing away a lot of negative energy. I felt like a new person after the healing, happy, smiling and ready to take on my responsibilities. I felt renewed and with a great amount of physical energy. This is an offering that absolutely should not be missed and I plan on participating in all of the sessions as long as it is offered. It is one of the best gifts you can give yourself! "

-M. S.

"I was going through emotional distress before attending the session. 
I know my meng mein chakra wasn’t working well enough as I was trying to let go off things but unable to do it completely. 
I decided to let go while taking divine healing session by Master Hector. 
During the session, as Master Hector guided the Meng Mein to clear all the things and forgive. 
I was able to release and that was my moment of Eureka. 
From the very next day onwards I felt fully out of that thought and I am able to move ahead. 
Thanks Master Hector for guiding."

Testimonials from the Mass Divine Healings with Master Hector

Please share your experiences with us!

email :

“I meditated on 22 May with Master Hector for the first time and I felt a lot of comfort and trust to the energy.

I woke up the day after and I didn’t want to smoke any more.

I felt tenderness and bliss of that mediation that night and that feeling of worthiness and love and support stayed with me for a few days.

I felt to be loved and cared by supreme intelligence and was very
Happy and grateful. I love to be part of this healing session and help other souls to be healed.” - F

I am sharing an experience on behalf of my father . 
My father and me both had enrolled and attended acharya Hector’s mass divine healing session on 8th May 2019 . I was at a different location and my father was at different location . He is not a very tech savvy person never ever done any online zoom sessions or knew anything about it ever, his mobile usage is only limited to making calls. Also the most challenging thing was he was just out of the  hospital ICU so I wasn’t sure if he could make for this session.  Yes , you all heard it right , he was admitted to the hospital on 22nd April 2019 with acute renal failure episode , his creatinine was elevated to 8.75; his hemoglobin was down to 8; he had severe diabetic ketoacidosis which was worse with septicemia and breathing problems . He had to undergo an emergency dialysis due to severe septicemia and elevated creatinine . Dialysis was done for first 2 days successively . Doctors said that he might need it chronically since he might worsen. 

But with GMCKS blessings after 2 dialysis creatinine came down to 5. So dialysis was stopped . But even after this creatinine kept fluctuating between 6-7. Everyone in our family was scared and prayed to gMCKS ( me, my mom and sister are pranic healers).  
He was discharged from icu on 26 april 2019.  At discharge time creatinine was 6.9, urea 145,  which was still not very assuring and he was too weak, and had no desire to eat . 

I happened to follow acharya hectors fb page very often. I enrolled my father for master hectors session , there was a far possibility of my father attending it . But with masters blessings and guidance he was able to login and access the zoom and attend acharya hectors mass healing session on 8th May. 

On 10th May 2019, we got his labs done - we all were surprised to find that his creatinine had gone down to 3.4 and his hemoglobin improved to 8.8, he felt fresh from within , his Urine output improved naturally and he also had desire to eat food. 

On 15th May 2019.. his labs showed creatinineof 3, urea 45 and hemoglobin 10.2. No dialysis was needed after first 2 emergency ones !!

He walks on his own now, has regained some strength to do his daily chores. My father is looking forward for an upcoming sessions by Acharya Hector soon. 

Thank you to Acharya Hector Ramos for this miraculous healing session which helped my father regain and regenerate his kidney function so quickly and thereby avoid further dialysis . Though I was away from my father, Acharya Hector guided on how to send blessings to our loved ones through his session 

A heartfelt gratitude respect and love to Acharya Hector Ramos for such a wonderful and a refreshing healing session !! “ -RD

“I have been attending the divine healing sessions for the last 3-4 months. It has been a beautiful journey since then. He divine healing was like the answer to all my prayers and Kriyas. 

I had developed very stubborn acne scars which somehow weren't disappearing. And over the past few months I had asked for healing of my skin. I have attended your sessions by Master Hector and my face is glowing now. Moreover he just knows what is required for healing everyone. The forgiveness for others and self has really helped me a lot. At time we are now able to pin point what is the problem and Master Hector just accelerates the process that doing further healing on ourselves just becomes easier. 

There are many more miracles which I experience, will enumerate a few of them:

(1) Tremendous financial success from the next day of all the divine healing sessions 

(2) Instant weight loss which is seen almost immediately after the session. I start to float in my clothes after the healing

(3) More faith and receptivity of family members towards PH and AY and many more things which I may not be able to comprehend or might not even be aware of. 

Thank you Master for being an amazing instrument.” -RG

“I would like to share my experience of the Divine Healing from Yesterday:

The most interesting part for me was when Master talked about our soul manifesting its purpose, for the first time I felt like I am the soul and I am looking at the body from above. I have never experienced this before and I am grateful to Master Hector for this.” -MG

“After attending some of Master Hectors' mass healing I am so thankful for the cleansing, the higher understanding , the profound depth of M Hector healings.

He instills hope, endurance, for oneself and in turn, blessings to share with children and grand children. Because of Master Hector there is peace, healing and most of all hope to continue and transform.  Please, please carry on.” DH

“Thank you so much for the healings. 

Last night the Divine mass healing was amazing !!!

I have been coughing for over 2 months, with an episode of bronchitis / pneumonia about 2 weeks ago. You gave me a healing during a private session. ( 80% healed). 

Yesterday was the final stage for this cough to go.  

Then, at the end of the session , you said some words on coughing...."what can you  give up to be healed ?" 

This was the waking call ! For 2 hours, with a cleared mind, the emotional healing continued ... Physically, I am ok now, Emotionally, I know the changes I have to do. 

Today : My throat is getting clearer and clearer., irritation and asthma gradually disappeared. My voice is back to normal.......Thank You , Thank You, Master Hector for the precious time, healings and teachings you are giving us.” -N

“I always look forward to your sessions and was happy to join the session last night. I experienced a wonderful healing last night and was feeling light in mind and body, the tightness in my joints and muscles had eased out and I felt flexible. I also felt joyful and super grateful. I was charged-up and had plans of staying awake through the night to complete a writing assignment. 

But, some commotion in the street below my house distracted me. To put it in a nutshell -I witnessed something close to attempted murder - senseless violence, merciless beating-up of two people. It was raw hatred and rage.I felt helpless. Out of fear of my safety, I could not go out to stop it, nor could I give first-aid to the victim. There was lot of trauma - it felt as if I or one of my own people was getting hurt. I feared that one of the victims would die right there. 

Thanks to the Divine Healing I had enough sense to immediately do an invocation and I started blessing for rapid and safe resolution and for the violence to stop. Within minutes the police and ambulance arrived. 

The real miracle for me is that in spite of the horror of what I witnessed, my mind and body feel strong enough to function normally through the day. On any other day, I would have felt extreme stress and bodily discomfort. Although the trauma is still there the Divine healing energy is keeping me together. And for that I am truly and deeply grateful. Thank you so much Master Hector. I really cherish your Divine Healing sessions. And this time it seems to be like a protecting force.” -A

"The Divine Healing session with Master Hector yesterday was absolutely amazing. I had a little bit of a headache that was completely gone after the session. During the session, the healing felt thorough and as if it was working on many levels (not just the physical). And today at work, I felt so much more relaxed and balanced - like my stress had melted away. Thank you so much for the session, very grateful!" -M

“I had a muscular pain on my right chest from past 2 days and that too was unbearable at times, even I felt the pain whenever I took the deep breath. But after yesterday's session my pain has completely gone, now I am relaxed.Thank you so so much God, GMCKS, all the Higher Brings and Master Hector. I am overwhelmed with your healing and blessings.” -A.M.

"I would like to share my experience with the mass divine healing by Master Hector happened on May 8 '19.

I was having severe leg pain and back pain before the session. After the session the leg pain was gone and back pain was healed by morning after around 7 hrs. Even during the session I was very happy, blissful and grateful for the energies and blessings coming to me. I felt like I am blooming like a lotus flower, opening up later by layer. It was an amazing experience. Thanks a ton to God, GMCKS, Master Hector, all the great beings, holy angels for this miraculous healing. So grateful to all of you. Thanks in full faith .."

"This is my pleasant morning after your this mass healing session...

I'm so thankful and grateful to you indeed..!!
As I had requested you before session that need healing for my family members (4)who had gotten bad car accident..

With the help of MCKS and some superb healers, condition was improving but my dad couldn't sleep whole day since that accident due to pain( he-72 have fracture on shoulder and torn muscles at middle of the spine ... And I was also confused what will work on him!! In your session MCKS guided to include them .. with your blessings when you started prayer he started sleeping...

It was like miracle happening in front of my eyes... After healing completed he slept the whole night after 20 days.. can you imagine!!!? day he said pain is decreased 40% ... It was WOW moment to me!!

Today after a calm sleep he said I m so happy my pain is reduced today too...!!

I can't express my gratitude thorugh my words...!!
Thanks a lot beloved Master.. you are the best channel for love, light and power..

May you and your family always be blessed with all what your heart desires in many folds💞🙏" -MP

"A few months ago my body was experiencing debilitating symptoms that were interfering with my daily life: severe fatigue, constant nausea, shortness of breath, a strange pain in my lower back: among others.
After going to the doctor, two blood tests in a row indicated 3rd stage kidney disease. 
There is no remedy Western medicine can offer to recover kidney function. The only thing doctors can do is to encourage the patient to make certain changes to try and prevent further deterioration. (Changes such as eliminate animal protein -I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 20 years; quit smoking—I don’t smoke —so basically these remedies would have no effect for me).
The number doctors use to determine how well your kidneys are functioning is called GFR. My GFR was 59 the first test and 57 the next test. Anything below 60 is considered 3rd stage kidney disease.
An appointment was made for me with a Nephrologist and a CT scan was scheduled.

While waiting for that final appointment—I got busy “Following Simple Instructions” from what we learned from Master Choa:
Started tithing to the Kidney Foundation, which pays for dialysis for people who can’t afford it, and to MCKS Charitable decreeing the good karma would come back to me in the form of high functioning kidneys and Healing.
I got Pranic Healing Sessions, Prayed, Meditated, to make myself receptive to the healing energies ...

Then I became aware of Master Hector’s Divine Healing sessions on line—and I took the opportunity seriously: prior to the session, I took salt bath, did exercises, wore white, took time off work when the time conflicted with the session...

My spiritual experiences during the Divine Healing sessions were —well I don’t have words to adequately express. 
There WAS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that I was genuinely connecting to God, my Guru, Master Choa Kok Sui, Healing Angels, Higher Beings, my Higher Soul.
These were some of the deepest meditation experiences I’ve ever had—made possible by Master Hector’s guidance and and knowledge and ability to lead us through advanced spiritual healing techniques. With HUMILITY. So much of what Master Hector said and taught and the techniques he led us through I’d never really heard before. (Even though I’ve been practicing the Teachings of MCKS for more than 20 years. It was a Revelation. The Divine Healing sessions led by Master Hector, essentially ushered me in to a higher level of spiritual experience)

After the Divine Healings (I believe there were 3) my symptoms slowly started subsiding.
But it wasn’t until my final blood test with the kidney specialist that the results corroborated the Healing: I went to the appointment w the Nephrologist to get one final blood test for my kidneys and was slated to have a CT scan the following week.
The results of my blood test arrived on-line 5 days later. My heart was beating fast as I opened the email with the results that could very well change the trajectory of my life.

I opened the blood test results and my kidney function number was 83!!! Normal for someone my age. No kidney disease. This was a miracle...because Western medicine admits it has no treatment that can increase the number, or regenerate the kidneys so the number goes higher—
Yet in my case, my kidney function went from a 57 to an 83!!! It’s really a miracle. The doctor cancelled the CT scan, agreed this was a miracle, and today I have none of the symptoms of kidney disease.

Thank you God, MCKS, Great Ones, Holy Angels, Healing Ministers, Beings of Light, Higher Soul, Divine Spark—and Master Hector who —with his deep knowledge of esoteric spirituality, long personal experience with The Teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui, and ability to express spiritual truths with humility—blessed me with a Divine Miraculous Healing." - J.S.

"I expected it was just going to be a few minutes. 
By the time we were doing twin hearts, I was already out of my body which was a surprise. I came back to my body when Master Hector said we were going to start divine healing. I was like “what!” It was already like an hour and a half and I was gone. I Have experienced some difficulties in my relationship lately. I knew this was the right thing to participate in. I feel so much more inner peace and joy.

Every Thursday I lead a Meditation Twin Hearts and Pranic Healing group. I was inspired by Master Hector’s “Smile at yourself, smile at a family member, imagine their biggest smile and laughter.” I replicated this for the group and the entire room was in tears. I had at least 10 people come to me after and thank me. All the gratitude goes to Master Hector and GMCKS. I am so grateful for this divine healing, a whopping 2 hours!!!!

My emotions are much more at peace with my relationship. I feel an objectiveness when I think about the negative experiences. This has helped me gain clarity that I did not have. Definitely a wonderful experience. I will join every divine healing Master Hector facilitates!

Thank you so much and Atma Namaste!" -N.L.

"I relaxed and let myself go in the beautiful light. 
I don't remember much after that. 
It was a wonderful experience. 
The next morning my swollen ankles were looking almost back to their old selves. 
They haven't been like this for ages. 
Also my reflux was gone. 
My blocked nose was open and I could breath normally again. 
I felt more at peace and on the way to work today, instead of thinking of all the negativity in my life, I caught myself smiling and thinking of the positive aspects and opportunities. 
It is a miracle! 
I am sure there are countless changes in me at different levels. 
Thank you so much for this wonderful healing session. 
With gratitude, with respect and with love!"
- S. E

“Despite the session having ended, I feel the energies pouring through for several days. My spiritual connection is strengthened with each mass healing. Thank you Master Hector. You are truly a great being of light.” - I.S.