Announcing Personal Arhatic Mentorship Sessions with Master Hector

One of the most frequent requests from Arhatic Yogis throughout the world is for more personal guidance and mentorship. Master Hector has opened a few hours during select weeks for personal mentoring sessions via Skype.
These will be given on a first come, first served basis. 

This gives you the unique and rare opportunity to seek guidance, help and nurturance from Master Hector regarding your Arhatic practice, evolution and development. 

These sessions are not for healing, but for personal coaching and mentorship. Master Hector will spend an hour with you on Skype reviewing and scanning your spiritual progress, obstacles and development in relation to the Five Pillars, the various meditations and Arhatic virtues. 

Available Times

At this time, there are no openings... Please stay tuned for more available sessions...



Important Information


currently these dates are sold out, but we will be adding more times for the second half of the year, so please check back. 

To book a session or to be put on the waiting list, please email  

Once Paige has confirmed your time, your payment can be made on our Payment Page.

Price : $170.00

**Due to high demands for sessions with Master Hector and the value of his time, cancellations are only permissible upon emergency. In case of an emergency, please notify Paige at the above email. Refunds will not be given but the session can be rescheduled for yourself or transferred to a friend or colleague to use at a later date.

Form to be filled out only once your appointment time is confirmed

This information is completely private and will be sent directly to Master Hector. No one will see your answers,
so please be honest and thorough. And provide a recent photograph of yourself for scanning purposes to  

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