Online Gathering - Mass Divine Healing - Open to All

Join Master Hector Ramos for an Online Gathering of Divine Healing. 

-Join Master Hector Ramos for a guided journey of health, meditation, peace and clarity.

-Master Hector's mass Divine Healing sessions are open to ALL. The session is approximately an hour long..

-Please scroll down to read the preparations for before, during and after the session.

-It is a guided session, you can enjoy from your home via video or audio..

-The results vary from person to person, however, in most cases people benefit on the physical, emotional and mental level for days following this unique offering..

-Loved ones in need of health and healing that are not able to join, will also benefit from the energies that you may direct to them from the session.

A sense of Hope, Purpose, Peace and miraculous physical healing have been experienced by many...

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To receive access to the Divine Healing session follow these steps: 

  1. Proceed to payment page and donate in the amount of your choice : select Divine Healing and choose your amount. This will reserve your spot and register you for the link to the webinar.

  2. After payment is processed you will receive a separate email with the link to the live session. (Please allow for 24 hours to process your payment.)

  3. To join session, click on the link given. Please google current time zones.

Other details : This is a live session only, no recording will be available.

*Registration will close 2 hours prior to the session.

Please follow the information below for before, during and after the session.

*Healing results may vary from person to person due to many factors. 



Prior to the session take a salt bath or salt scrub in the shower. It is also advisable to do light exercises to prepare the physical body.

*For those on their menstrual cycles please sweep the sex chakra 300 times.



Wear only cotton or linen fabric in white or light colors.

Do not wear : Silk, synthetics, leather, including belts, rubber - on soles of shoes, jewelry or crystals. Remove your belts, watches too.



Do a set of light exercises.

It is advisable not to shower or bathe for 24 hours following the session.

Do not eat or drink cold food items for at least 2 hours after the session.